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Private lessons

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Technique & History 
Gabriel Missé & Maru Rifourcat Tango.
The teachers teach group classes in all the countries of the world with more than 36 years of experience teaching the true Argentine Tango.
In the class you will be able to study the technique of Argentine Tango, the history of Tango, steps of Tango, Milonga and Vals.


Gabriel Missé & Maru Rifourcat Tango
From the month of February of the year 2020 we began to teach online, the results are more than optimal. We have students from all over the world who continue to bet on tango and constantly practice without interruption. These students in a year came to make unimaginable sequences and challenges and we can call them Disciples.


Tango technique, body movement, body positions, music, choreography, resistance, history, expression will be worked on for the purpose of physical, artistic and mental training.
There are different packages.


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