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Gabriel & Maru 


The Maestros teach private and group classes, both online and in person.  

In this page you will find information about events and exhibitions in different parts of the world. More than 35 years of experience in Argentine Tango and and different dances.


Gabriel Missé

Gabriel Missé  was born on November 20, 1979, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He is a dancer, milonguero, choreographer, and teacher of Argentine Tango, is recognized worldwide for his unique and authentic style. 

Missé began dancing when he was four years old with internationally renowned Argentine National Folkloric dancer and choreographer Santiago Ayala, El Chúcaro, and the renowned dancer and choreographer Norma Viola.
At age six year old, Missé began to study Tango in person with the great milongueros and teacher Carlos Rivarola, Miguel Ángel Zotto, and Antonio Todaro, in addition to Cachito Mantegaza, Finito, Petaca, Portalea, Jorge Díspari, El Pibe Palermo, Puppi Castello, Alemán Tonet, El Gitano Víctor, Facundo Posadas, Lampazo, Toto, Turco José, Chino Perico, Pepito Avellaneda, and Milonguita, among others.

Missé participated in shows and films with great actors, singers  and musicians such as Julián Plaza, José Colángelo, Óscar Básil, Alberto Castillo, Roberto Goyeneche, Alberto Podestá, Mariano Mores, Armando Manzanero, and María Martha Serra Lima. He danced in the Tango shows Tango X2, Forever Tango, Tango Dance, and Show de Mariano Mores. In 1997, he made his debut in the USA, at the City Center Theater in New York City with the Tango X2 Company.


In 2015, he choreographed, directed, and presented his own show, Tango History  at the City Center Theater in New York City. 

He was invited by dancer and choreographer Damian Woetzel to dance at the Vail International Dance Festival in Colorado, USA.


Missé’s television, film, and modeling credits include the National Geographic Society Documental de Tango (1991) UCLA TV, TV Turkey, (Guñes Kakabuda, Producer, 1994), and NBC (National Broadcasting Company) interview .

He participated in the films Despabilate Amor (Eliseo Subiela), Canción Desesperada (Jorge Coscia), and  Assassination Tango (Robert Duval); and coincidentally became an inspiration for Liam Neeson for a scene from the movie Mark Felt (2017). He was chosen by Donatella Versace to appear in her clothing catalog (1995).

Missé also served as a juro of the Tango World Cup and the Metropolitan Championships for 11 years.

More than ten interviews with Gabriel Missé have appeared in the New York Times newspaper,  The New Yorker magazine, and Revista Viva (Diario Clarín). He has been recognized by former New York Times Chief Dance Critic Alastair Macaulay as the ‘Baryshnikov of Tango.’ Tango has its Barishnikov, Viva magazine (Diario Clarín) September 7, 2014.

In 2018, Missé formed a dance and life partnership with dancer Maru Rifourcat. They have been traveling

the world, conducting seminars, exhibitions, and teaching the true Argentine Tango.

DSC_0057.jpg Olga Grigola.jpg

Maria Marta Rifourcat

Maru  is a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer from Argentina. She took her first steps in dance at the age of four, and studied Ballet, Modern, and Contemporary Jazz.


In Argentina, she studied: 

Ballet at the Escuela Privada de Danzas Clásicas La Plata, with Alicia Constantino, Aurelio Bogado, and Salvador Molina;

Ballet School of the City of La Plata;

Ballet Course at Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires, with Liliana Ivanoff;

Modern Jazz at Acropolis Dance, with Monica Malnero.


In Italy, she studied:

Ballet at Harmony School of Ballet, with Master Arnaldo Angellini;

Modern Jazz at Korper Modern Jazz Dance School, with Federica Musella.


 In the USA, she studied:

Jazz Theater, Lyrical Jazz, at Broadway Dance Center and Horton Technique at Alvin Ailey in New York City.


Maru participated in several national and international dance competitions, taking first place in both solo and group presentations (Torneos Juveniles Bonaerenses, Campeonato Sud Americano de Danza)


Some of Maru’s stage work includes dance and acting performances in:

“The Night of The Cat” (Teatro Coliseo Podestá, 2001).

 “Different” (Teatro Lola Membrives, 2004).

“Más que Diferente” (Metropolitan Theater, 2005)

“Corrientes Esquina Glamor” (Metropolitan Theater, 2007).

“Un País de Revista” (dancer and actress) (Teatro Neptuno, 2006).

“Cartoon Network” (Lola Membrives Theater, 2007-2008 Latin-American Tour).


She also danced on many TV shows, including, among others:

“High School Musical Argentina.”

“Dancing for A Dream.”

“Ugly Duckling.”


Maru worked for three years (2009-2012) as a Dance Captain and Dancer for Wep Production, MSC ,a well-known European cruise company.

After Maru completed her contract with the cruise line, she taught dance classes in Italy for ten years, opening her own space for participants of all ages.


In 2017, Maru met Maestro Gabriel Missé in New York City. He taught her Traditional Argentine Tango, and perfected her Tango dance. They formed a couple in 2018, and have

traveled the world together since then, teaching and dancing the true Argentine Tango.

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